What About Cars?

It’s true that I’m not great with feelings and whatnot, but what would you do if you were dating a girl, and she told you that she’s not into cars? I thought everyone was into cars. Cars are the one thing that all humans can agree are a good thing, which is why they’re everywhere, all the time. We have whole car shows because cars are totally rad. But we went out to dinner (in a car, by the way… that’s how we got there) the other night and she just came out and said that she didn’t think cars were that interesting. What?

Like, dude, we MET over auto servicing in Elwood, remember? She was getting her annual car service, I was just hanging around because I don’t have a job and I like the smell of the place (and I’m hoping if I hang around enough they’ll give me a job anyway), and then we just hit it off. Why would you own a car, and get car servicing, then turn around and say you don’t really care about cars?

I don’t think about things, as a general rule, but maybe I need to think about this. This girl is totally my type. She’s really cool and she works as a receptionist. I mean, she has air con where she works and it’s a real job that my parents would approve of. But this car thing is super worrying. Cars are my life, so if we’re gonna get married and live in Malvern (after my band takes off and we become world-famous) and go to the best car service centre Malvern has to offer every weekend… well, SOMETHING needs to change.

Namely, she needs to start liking cars. Maybe I can finally save up enough to buy one that has a loud engine, and we can sit in it and eat pizza, and then she’ll come around to why cars are great. If not, then I’m out of ideas.