Welding in the Rain, No Thanks


All I want to do is curl up in bed and listen to songs from the 70s. Has anyone noticed that songs from the 70s are all about summer and going to the beach and stuff? Maybe also the sixties, because that’s when the beach culture was all the rage. It’s like everyone just wrote songs about going to the beach, and how much they hate the cold, which is definitely me IRL. I look out the window when I’m about to get up for work and it makes me want to die. Just…end it all. I’d rather not wake up than have to put one toe onto that frigid floor.

Still, I work pretty close to the docks and I can see people outside working during the day. Just imagine doing stainless steel marine fabrication while it’s pouring down with rain, and the sea is probably pretty restless with all that wind. Tell you what, whenever I glance out the window and see that I feel simultaneously freezing AND cozy. One thing I can say for our office is that it has decent heating, but still…welding in this weather. Or maybe all the welding keeps you warm?

See, all of this is why I could never do anything outside. Imagine getting out of bed, just about getting comfortable by the time you have to leave the house, and then spending the whole day outside in the cold. I dread just walking to the car and waiting for it to heat up, and that takes…what, four minutes or so? Imagine me out there, marine welding, getting soaked, putting the finishing touches on a plate alloy boat and bantering with the lads while we’re all soaked to the bone from a day of outdoor welding. Heck, even if the welding was done under cover, those places are never actually WARM.

No, I’d definitely quit after the first day. Couldn’t hack it long enough to do it long-term and build up any resistance. And welding? Well…that’s just dangerous.