Treasure Hunting, Not So Bad

Day one of my new hobby, and I’m rather enjoying myself despite us not finding anything. I get the idea that not finding anything is fairly common, and from what I’ve heard from people around the docks doing outboard motor servicing near Melbourne, it does seem to be the trend. There’s probably not a HUGE amount of treasure in Melbourne’s bay areas; that much is true. But everyone in the club is somehow convinced that Australia has a rich pirating history, and we should all be searching for the booty that lie beneath the waves.

Anyway, at least they didn’t make me take some sort of pledge of allegiance, because I don’t subscribe to it. I just wanted a hobby where I could meet people and spend time outdoors. I’ve always loved the sea, never really had any family who were into boating, and of course I don’t have a boat of my own; too expensive. But everyone in this club has a boat, which they use to look for treasure, so…score! I just get a ride with them. Learn about anchor winches, and how to perform emergency outboard motor repairs if you’re stuck in the middle of the sea and can’t get to a mechanic, and then proper rowing technique for when things really go south.

So yeah, it’s good fun. And they’re actually really nice people outside of the whole ‘pirate treasure’ thing. Plenty of people have hobbies that aren’t ‘productive’ in the strictest sense, but it gets people outdoors, creates social groups and even in this case teaches you new skills. As much as origami is a beautiful art, I’m glad I went with this one. Of course, I’m always going to find a proper outboard motor boat mechanic. Melbourne has some of the best. I personally know a few- but I like to think I can fiddle around with an anchor winch and maybe do a bit of good. Hoist a mainsail, look through a spyglass and tell everyone that I see treasure…

Oh yeah, there’s also some role-play. Again, super fun.