Sydney, Come On!

What is WRONG with Sydney’s weather at the moment? Strike that: what is wrong with Sydney in general? I thought Melbourne was supposed to be the one with the ever-changing weather, which is why I applied to do my student exchange there. I put down Sydney on the form, not actually thinking I’d get it because supposedly it’s the most desirable location in the country. Then I got here, and there was an auto air con unit in my room, and I was all marvelling at how technology in Australia is able to deal with the climate even in individual rooms.

Yeah, well, I think in Sydney, air conditioning repair companies are getting tired of me calling them and asking how to switch the air con unit to manual. I also ask them how to set it so that it comes on periodically while I’m out. Or how to turn off auto altogether, because I swear the entire climate just changes on a whim and there’s no human technology that can currently keep up with that. What IS up with that? We’ve got thunderstorms coming in from the south, they’re going to hit on Tuesday and Thursday…hopefully you’re starting to see what I mean. I don’t know what to wear, because there’s no way to know. I don’t know if I should be buying and then carrying an umbrella, because it always just seems on the cusp of not being worth it. And then I get rained on, I angrily decide to buy an umbrella, but then it’s switching on what is apparently the best air conditioning services Sydney residents rely on. The air con has to be onĀ  once I get back, because it’s humid in my room.

So in short, what the actual flip, Sydney. Send a maintenance guy up into the sky, because I think you need some repairs. You’re gonna steal the reputation away from Melbourne!