Such Renovation Potential

Celia McCarthy has moved into the old church on McLeod Street, and suddenly I have a new piece of reality TV to watch…in real life. Although I should sincerely ask her if she’s thought about getting in one of those shows that document conversions. People go nuts for that sort of thing. I go nuts for that sort of thing.

I guess it makes for a very compelling before and after montage. I know it’s not my project, but looking at the place gives me so many ideas that I’m wondering if I myself need to find a big old building- a post office, maybe- and see if I can’t start me something. Ohh, I LOVE the idea of timber windows. Installers in Melbourne are super hot property right now, ever since Echolocation, Echolocation, Echolocation, Echolocation did that special where the marine biologists building their underwater base fought against the odds to have secure portholes against the ocean pressure but also elegant timber windows. I guess everything thought that if they can have timber windows leagues and leagues underneath the sea, then why not on their regular Melbourne homes? They were not wrong, let me tell you. Timber windows all over the place. And on this converted church, they’d look fab.

And if not timber, then you can do some lovely things with aluminium. It sounds like such a harsh, industrial metal, but then I think about how a few of my friends have had aluminium windows fitted and it honestly doesn’t clash with their aesthetic. Well, if it’s chosen properly.

You can even have aluminium door replacement; they look so incredibly chic and stylish, maybe providing a nice contrast with the red brick.

But it’s not my project! I look forward to seeing what happens. Maybe even on TV, who knows?