Slam Dunk… Into The Pool Fence

You could say that I got a bit carried away playing basketball at the neighbours’ barbeque last night. I might have smashed in one of the panels of their glass pool fence… truth is, I can’t quite remember. I’m currently working myself up to go over there and find out what the damage is.

Hal and Christine didn’t seem overly concerned about it at the time; we all thought it was hilarious, actually.  Jim got captured the event on his phone, I think. But now, in the harsh light of day and faced with the fact that I’ll be shelling out for a glass repair service, it’s a bit less amusing.

My question is, how weak must those glass panels be to able to crumple under the force of a basketball bouncing from across the yard? Either they’re not super strong, or my shoot is really powerful (if only I could get it to go in the right direction)… sadly, I suspect it might be the former. If Hal and Christine are going to be hosting these late-night basketball games, they might want to invest in some stronger glass. I mean, the hoop is positioned right in front of their balcony’s glass balustrade. Melbourne, is there such thing as a glazier who specialises in shatterproof glass?

Well, maybe it doesn’t need to be shatterproof. I don’t know what the standard level of resistance to breakage is for pool fences. I imagine it must be higher enough to withstand things like kids slamming gates and dogs barrelling into the panes. Perhaps not grown men throwing basketballs, though.

I suppose I’d better suck it up and find out what havoc I managed to cause over there. Cecelia was out at a friend’s baby shower, so she doesn’t know anything about it yet. Maybe I can fix it up with Hal and Christine before one of them spills the beans to her. That means I need to book in for glass replacement, stat.