Renovate That Kitchen

I guess the medieval kitchen is fun, but the roasted hog could use some work. More like ‘charred hog’.

Suppose I’ll be generous for the food blog and give it a 6/10, although my thousands of followers can interpret that however they like. I’ll add a disclaimer: ‘great for a themed meal, but food quality may vary’.

Next up, I’m going to be visiting a restaurant that prides itself on its Jamaican/Norwegian fusion cuisine, so looking forward to that. Last fusion cuisine restaurant I tried is no longer in operation, and good riddance. There’s something about Vietnamese food that just somehow doesn’t mix with Australian food. Maybe it’s the fact that one of those doesn’t really exist, or perhaps it was the abysmal kitchen standards. I said on my blog, ‘get some extensive and industrial kitchen renovation professionals in there, pronto, or no one is going to want to eat anything that comes out of there’. I always stealth my way into the kitchen at some point during a meal…otherwise my reviews wouldn’t be comprehensive. I had a quick peek inside the kitchen and I did not like what I saw. At the very least, a restaurant kitchen needs to be industrial. This one looked like it could’ve been someone’s kitchen at home. I know people think that just having old kitchens is better because they’re used to them, and they develop their fusion cuisine at home so why come to a different kitchen, all that…but this is a place of business, and standards must be met.

Ever since then, I’ve had a whole separate kitchen section in each of my blog reviews. And if the owners want to get in contact, I have some excellent contacts in Melbourne. Kitchen renovations¬†are something that I’ve thought a lot about. You can even design your own kitchen, if you so desire. Just make sure it’s a kitchen befitting of a restaurant, and not a hodgepodge affair that resembles the one in your old studio apartment.