Painting New Restaurant

I never really thought about how much effort goes into setting up a brand new shop. My first store was in a building that had previously been rented out, so a lot of the work was already done. The walls were already painted, the wiring was functional, and the lighting was as good as I could have hoped for. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get a lease renewal this year, due to works going on in the city. So, we’ve had to relocate, this time to a completely new building. It means there are a lot of options for layout and appearance, but it’s a lot of work.

Currently, I am on my lunch break, regretting every choice in my life that has put me here. I’m painting the back wall of the restaurant, and it’s taking a lot out of me. I’m exhausted and covered in sweat. And that’s just after one wall. I still have the other interior walls to do, plus the ones outside! Maybe I should just get the best exterior painter Melbourne has to offer to do the outside walls. I’m not sure I’ll be able to manage that on my own.

It has been an experience, setting up a brand new building. Personally, I think I’d rather spend my day cooking dumplings and rice for my loyal customers, but others may disagree. I’m sure whatever commercial painter from Melbourne I choose to go with would rather paint walls all day. It’s just not for me. Not in the long term, at least. I enjoyed it at first, but eventually, you start to get sick of the paint smell.

We’ve been closed for about three months now, but thankfully my business was doing so well beforehand that it hasn’t really impacted us. Soon enough we’ll be back open, feeding all the hungry people of Melbourne. I just hope they appreciate the effort I’ve put into these walls!