Oxygen Chambers, not Time Chambers…

Imagine my surprise when I learned that hyperbaric chambers do not actually have the ability to manipulate time. Good grief, I feel dumb…and this is exactly the same thing that happened with those isolation pods. I got in, had a wonderful hour of floating on air and then bam, it was over in exactly an hour with no time dilation to speak of.

To be fair, I had a reason this time. See, you probably remember the popular anime from the 90’s, Lizard Orb Y. You know, with the magical orbs that granted wishes, and all the explosions. Anyway, oxygen chambers remind me strongly of a concept from there, and now there are hyperbaric medicine professionals in Melbourne everywhere, and I just thought that maybe…they slowed down time a little bit. Like, you need to do some homework and your deadline is drawing near? Just hop inside the hyperbaric time chamber and you can do it in half the time.

Alas, no, they are not hyperbaric time chambers. Your time inside one of them might actually feel like it’s been sped up because of the oxygenated loveliness. Helps with your breathing problems, clears your head, but doesn’t actually have any effect on time at all.

But wow, just imagine how popular that’s going to be once it becomes a thing! Everyone will be flocking to get a turn in the time chamber and finish off their homework, or do their taxes, or whatever else. I’m not dissing portable oxygen chambers available in Melbourne, mind you. Every chamber has its place, and right now, oxygen is the best we’ve got. Well, that, and those isolation pod things that are purely for relaxation. Just the two though…for now.