Office Views

On  my last visit to the optometrist he said that I had “the most rapidly-degrading vision (he’d) ever seen.” I wanted to make a pun there but that was quite a dire statement. I HAD been noticing some things, like street signs being a bit blurry and me not being able to read with my energy-saver lamp next to my bed. I’ve switched to a non-energy-saver that hurts the environment and I DON’T CARE, but nothing compares to…the office incident. I live just outside in the country, but I do drive into an office in Melbourne. Office fitouts had been done over the weekend and things were quite different: no more cubicles, everyone’s desks were in different places (different desks, in fact) and they even took out the whole kitchen and put it in a different room; it’s a bathroom now.

You should know that I’m driving directly into the sun on both of my commutes- fun, yeah- and my eyes were really stinging when I came in. I’m usually quite early, and I hadn’t remembered the fitouts, so I walked in and totally thought that I’d wandered into the wrong office. Then I realised that it WAS the right one and wandered in, my vision still blurry from the sunlight. Walked into the bathroom and couldn’t figure out where the fridge was. Oh, and the boss was in there, so…great. Then I spent the whole day bumping into desks, chairs, people in the different space, and generally not remembering anything about the new layout. Shame, because we supposedly got some of the best office interior designers working in Melbourne to come in and give the place a makeover, and I could barely see it.

So I guess I’m going blind. That is, unless I stop taking those non-patented eye drops for my hayfever that burn my retinas every time I apply them. But they just…work.