No HR Here

I can’t believe that my workplace doesn’t have a human resources department or even a single person in the role. Every time I bring the issue up, the CEO just says we’re a small business that doesn’t need anyone working in HR. What is this, 2015? We were a small company back then, but we’ve seen massive growth recently and can hardly be called small anymore. Especially when we’re landing such massive clients as sports stars and international media companies. We can’t just rely on a business for HR consulting around Melbourne every time there’s an issue. How are we employees supposed to get HR support when we need it? We’re not, and I think that’s the root of the issue. They don’t want us getting HR support, because that gives us power.

Even a few months ago, outsourcing our HR issues worked fine. As a small business, my bosses could get away with asking the HR person how to sack a casual employee without it being a huge deal. But this year we have added twenty new employees, so we’re really not a small business anymore. If small businesses generally have under 20 employees, and we added that many people recently, that’s not really small anymore, is it? There’s just an unbelievable level of denial going on here.

Here I was thinking that having a HR department was almost essential for all businesses. I guess that show set in an office gave me the wrong idea about what it would be like working in an office of my own. Then again, they weren’t exactly a small or medium business. They had multiple branches across the entire country. Maybe, in that case, you would have a HR person at each location. Unfortunately, that’s not how things work in the real world. For now, I’ll just have to put up with a bit of unprofessionalism at work. I wonder, at what point do they accept that we need to change and evolve into a medium or even big company?