Microwaves Disappointing

Great, yeah, so we can make drain cameras and send a monkey into space, but we can’t invent a microwave that updates itself to daylight savings. I’ll forgive my clock radio, because I bought it in 2004 and it was made long before Wi-Fi was in every single device. But my microwave is only like two years old. Pretty sure Wi-Fi existed two years ago, microwave.

Now I’ve been late for work two days running because I glance at the microwave clock as I always do and think I have plenty of time. Then I remember fifteen minutes later and my whole, delicate schedule is thrown out.

It doesn’t seem very equal, is all. I could pick up the phone and get a qualified drain camera inspection here in Melbourne, they’d come and insert a long, thin rod down the drain and get an accurate picture of what’s happening  in those tiny crevices. Truly amazing. A marvel of technology and drainage services. And then in the same room, there’s a refrigerator who can’t even do so much as make a peep when something is blocking the door. Fridges have been able to do that for years, but the very basic functionality of warning you when all of your food is about to go off? No, impossible. Cough up a few thousand dollars for cutting-edge tech that isn’t actually cutting edge.

At least drain clearing technology has advanced and not stagnated, and that’s in spite of drains being more or less the same. But then again, I’m not some expert, I don’t know everything there is to know about drain cleaning. Melbourne plumbing systems are old and worn out in some places, it’s good to know there are professionals who know what they’re doing.  Where I live, one day the drains will be high-tech. But I’ll still be late for work because my microwave is stuck in the dark ages.