I Need Designer Lighting, Because I Do

What a roller-coaster of a week I’ve had. First I find out my sister is having a baby and now I’m designing lighting solutions. I never thought I’d be seeking out a Melbourne lighting designer…mainly because that just sounds like something someone else would do. That is, someone who owns several penthouses, drives a really big, shiny car and maybe has a butler. Also, someone who collects artwork. You know the sort.

Except now I AM looking for a lighting designer, because I guess I AM that person. Go figure. Suppose I’m super rich now, and I have this strange urge to improve things in my life that I’d previously never give a second thought to. Like, most of my life I wouldn’t even think twice about my lighting, but now I just really want it to look nice. Custom-designed, even.

Therein lies the problem with being new money: I’ve never even thought about this stuff. How do you find a lighting designer? Like, one of those really bespoke ones who probably don’t have shop fronts. Maybe the shop front lighting people can direct me to someone good, but I don’t know if I’m still allowed to go into those sorts of places, given that I have so much money. This is all stuff I have to consider on a daily basis, and it’s exhausting. I can’t exactly ask my chums during a game of croquet at the club where one finds a really great lighting designer, because they’ll think it sounds terribly common. My hastily-acquired reputation will be gone in seconds.

I suppose I just have to be subtle about it. Do a bit of a search, look up some reviews, follow the trail, and I’ll be talking to excellent custom designer lighting company in Melbourne without a fuss.

I’m almost certainly overthinking it, but being rich is a dangerous game. Honestly? I think I’m more stressed right now than before I achieved a great fortune. Funny how that all works. One day you’re poor, the next…I really need some fancy designer lighting solutions, FAST.

-J.J. Jerome