I Can Maintain…Cars

Well, I did that. Or rather, my friends coerced me into doing that, on a Friday night, the time when my decision making is at its absolute worst. Yes, alcohol was involved…and yes, I’m considering that I should drink a little bit less.

Even more surprising is that my application was accepted. Now I’ve won a spot on an elite car maintenance course, and at the end we have to present our creations to a panel of international judges. So there’s a small problem, and that’s that I know…nothing about cars. Except the very basics, of course. I know where to put the oil, and the petrol, and maybe given a couple of hours I could just about remember how to change a tire. That’s as good as it gets, everyone.

So I guess I’m taking a crash course for my crash course. It’s either that, or I find a place that does the greatest auto repairs Ringwood has to offer. I may need to hypnotise one of the mechanics into thinking that they’re me, and then send them off on the course in my place. Thing is, I think Ringwood has quite a good reputation for this sort of thing. Mechanical…stuff, and all that. They know more about cars than me, anyway. If I find that hypnotism and kidnapping are a bit too illegal, I guess my only option is to get a job at a mechanical place- should be easy, with all my car knowledge- and then try to observe the heck out of all the brake repair and log book servicing and tire…repair. I think tire repair is a thing that I’m going to be asked to do.

And then there’s a plan C, where I only look up car stuff online for the next few weeks, until I have to do this stupid course that i cannot drop out of because it’s super prestigious and I’m actually sort of curious to see what happens. Maybe I’ll unlock a hidden talent, and return to do Ringwood, brake repairs will be my speciality and I will be world renowned for the best service. But either way, food and board paid for the whole time, so whatever. i can flunk.