Got A Headache

I have a headache which is annoying because I’m about to act in the biggest advertisement of my life. I have been cast for an ad which will be played in both Australia and New Zealand, which is incredible because I’ll be able to say that I’m an international actress on my profile. That’s the kind of thing that lands you more jobs in the future and seeing as I’m a budding actress, I am very excited to be able to have such a big opportunity.

So why do I have to have such a bad headache! There’s no way I’m going to let a headache stop me from being in the biggest production of my life with one of the most esteemed video production companies in Melbourne. I’m going to take some painkillers now and hope that they don’t make my head go foggy and make me forget my lines. If they do, I might not ever be invited back to work with this production company again which could really hurt my chances of becoming a world-famous actress. That’s my ultimate goal and as I said, I will not let a (rather large) headache stop me from living the life that I deserve. 

You know the production agency that hired me also specialises as a video animation company? That means that the advertisement they create (which I’ll star in) will also have elements of animation in it, making it look even more impressive. I’ll be able to proudly display it on my actress profile and hopefully attract attention from all over the world! That’s my goal, at least.

I’m on my way to the shoot now and I’m really nervous. I want to give it my absolute best effort and do a really good job. I want to be able to impress these people and show them why I should be the lead actress in all their advertisements. I just hope my headache doesn’t get in the way of doing well.