Gingerbread Office

This year I’m taking the office Christmas party to the next level. I’ve posted a bit about this before, so my apologies if I end up repeating myself a bit, but I’m going to assume you know absolutely nothing about this project. And what exactly is this project? Well, I’m transforming our office into a gingerbread office. Now if that isn’t the coolest thing you’ve ever heard, you just don’t know cool, my friend.

Look, the staff didn’t like it when I turned the office into a legitimate winter wonderland last year, but this is different. Who doesn’t love gingerbread? Ginger is awesome. I literally cannot think of one person who doesn’t like ginger. That’s gotta be the most commonly liked food of all time.

Now I know that we just paid a lot of money to get professional office tinting near Melbourne, but I’m thinking that doesn’t really suit the gingerbread theme. I’ll need to come up with some sort of replacement. And of course, I’m not going to tear down the walls and replace them with gingerbread or anything. That would be stupid. I’ll just put a one-inch layer of gingerbread over all the walls. If my co-workers get hungry during the day, they can just take a bite out of the wall. Now that’s efficient!  

Maybe we should get frosting glass to replace the tinted windows. That’s much more festive. Gumdrops everywhere, sprinkles on the floor. Everyone will love it. If they don’t, there’s something seriously wrong with them. I don’t have a problem. You have a problem, Dwight

Sorry, I don’t know what came over me there. I just really felt like I needed to type that. I don’t even know who Dwight is. Is that even a name? Oh well, I’d best just forget about it. Being the office party planner is like the best job in the world. Except for the fact that I don’t get paid. And have no real budget. And still have to do all my real work.

Speaking of which, I should actually try to sell some printers today.