Flower pots for the wedding table centrepieces

The colourful bulbs I planted last month have finally came up! There are so many of different colours! To think I only wanted hyacinths for my bouquets. A huge one for me, and a few smaller ones for my bridesmaids. I have five bridesmaids in total, so I thought I would need a lot of hyacinths.

We were planning on using white roses for the men’s corsages, which husband-to-be is in charge of growing. More hyacinths than I ever dreamed of ended up blooming. My backup garden at my brother’s place came up good too. Gardening is actually quite fun! I might try planting tulip bulbs next!

I planted literally close to a hundred hyacinth bulbs, since I was told that bulbs are not always successful. This should count doubly true for someone with two left thumbs like me. Boy was he surprised when every single one of colourful bulbs sprouted a stunning shock of hyacinths.

But now, I have far too many flowers and I have no idea what to do with them. My brother is a little mad, he thought I was only planting a couple of hyacinth mixed bulbs but now his yard is brimming with flowers. Not exactly ideal for his bachelor pad. With all these extra flowers, I had a brainwave.

Instead of the basic table centrepieces that my mother-in-law wanted, we could use little plants in gorgeous white pots! Then, guests can take them home as souvenirs of the big day.

We have thirty tables. It seems like a lot, but we both have huge families! I ordered thirty cute ceramic pots, plus a few extra as spares in case some break. A week before the wedding, I will enlist my bridesmaids to carefully pull out the hyacinths and replant them into the small pots. I might also tie purple ribbons around the pots, so I have ordered some ribbon to practice with.