Dry Needling Is Not for My Family

Oh man, Ma and Pa would NOT be happy about what happened at school today. I’m gonna have to figure out a way to keep this one from the rest of the family, which is a lot harder than it sounds because the Jacoby family has a download every single night. Nothing about our days is left uncovered, so I’m going to have to make something up.

It’s a choice between lying to the family, and having Pa storm down to the school and give them a piece of his mind. See…we had a dry needling exhibition, of sorts. Nothing major; just a few people who’d been to Melbourne for a dry needling course, and they came into our Health Studies class to discuss what they’d learned and give us a demonstration. We’ve had demonstrations like that before, but they’ve all been pretty standard. Like, how people take blood, or the exact process of giving a flu jab. Ma and Pa weren’t too happy about that- they’ve never been big fans of inoculations, because of their inherent mistrust of the government and its money- so dry needling would send them totally nuts. Thing is, it wasn’t bad at all. It’s an interesting enough method of relieving various aches and pains, even though they weren’t in school long enough for us to see it really working. If I actually went on a dry needling course, maybe I’d get a greater understanding, but that’ll never happen. There’s no way I could conceal it from the rest of the family, and when they found out I’d probably be subject to the Jacoby family intervention process. All the cousins would be summoned, there would be a hearing, and I’d probably be sent to work on the farm for a few weeks to ‘get the dirt out of my ears’.

At least I can say it here: trigger point dry needling courses are interesting. Maybe I’ll go to the library, the only place I get any peace, and read more about them.

-Forrest Jacoby Jr. Jr.