Decor for Teens

I realise that this is an insanely hackneyed thing to say, but here goes: kids grow up so fast, don’t they? This is hitting home at a new level with regard to my 13 year-old twins, who are finally starting to diverge in their personal tastes. Astrid is all about old-world beauty – Victoriana, in particular – while Serena is going down a path that can best be described as contemporary street chic.

Their aesthetic differences have become so pronounced that it’s becoming unworkable for them to share a room. Robin and I have landed on the conclusion that it might be best for one of them to move down to the basement, a notion that Serena is only too happy to entertain – provided that she’s allowed to make the space her own. Astrid is similarly thrilled at the prospect having a coherent decor concept.

As luck would have it, a friend recently put me onto the idea of removable wallpaper. At first I dismissed it, images of wrestling with toxic glues dancing in my head. But I did a bit of research the other day and found out that this stuff is not only self-adhesive and safe, but also able to be digitally printed with pretty much anything you can imagine. It could be an easy route to helping the girls identify with their new, private domains.

I’m thinking that Astrid might be into some kind of traditionally-styled floral wallpaper. Ideas, anyone? It’s a look that wouldn’t work anywhere else in our house, which is essentially contemporary beach vibes, but it could be just the ticket for Astrid’s bedroom. As for Serena, some kind of industrial look seems like a go – I’m thinking exposed concrete or brick. I’m not sure about graffiti wallpaper for bedrooms, but that’d be another option if she was really sold on it.  

I’m excited about this decor project, actually. I’ve just got to make sure I don’t get too caught up in the decision-making. Ultimately, the point of all this is for the girls to be able to put their respective stamps on their spaces.