Children becoming parents

The lifecycle is something really odd when you think of it. As a baby you’re vulnerable and defenseless. You’re heavily reliant on someone else to make the big decisions in your life. It’s as if when you become old the tables turn. You become more frail, struggle to communicate, and even basic movement is a struggle. I remember there were years when my parents would care for me, but now I am the one who has become the parent. I keep track of my parents’ doctor appointments, I make sure they’re taking the correct medications, and I help them do their shopping. Recently my father went to the bathroom and I noticed he was taking an extremely long time. I knocked on the door to see what was happening and he told me he would need another few minutes to get off the seat. I spoke to my mum about this incident and she explained that it was a normal struggle for them both. What a horrible way to live! Then she told me that the same is true when they go to have a bath. It’s a huge slow process to get in and out of the tub. I asked if they’d considered any bathtub modifications but they said that they didn’t know what I meant by that. I explained to them that there are modifications that can be done to bathtubs to improve ease of access for those who are elderly or disabled. They were both open to the idea given how much they have been struggling over the last year.

I would hate for them to one day be trying to get in or out of the bath and accidentally slip and hurt themselves because they were struggling to enter or exit. I’m now looking for a company that does easy access bathtub modifications for seniors. Sydney has a high population of elderly people so I’m sure there is a demand for this sort of service. I’m going to have a rummage online for a company that can help us, but if anyone in Sydney has ever looked into anything like this before then please do let me know.