Brushing Twice Per Day

How on earth do I get my children to brush their teeth twice a day? I struggle to get them to brush their teeth before school in the morning, let alone before bed when they’re grumpy and sleepy. I’ve read every parenting book there is to read, and none of the ‘helpful’ tips have helped me. Kids just really don’t like brushing their teeth. I mean, I didn’t like brushing my teeth at their age either and my teeth turned out fine, but I don’t want to take any chances with their teeth. I can’t afford the price of dental implants if my kids’ teeth fall out. That’s why I need them to brush their teeth!

I’ve tried everything. I’ve tried bribing them with lollies before they brush their teeth, but then they didn’t want to brush because they didn’t want the taste of the sugar to be replaced by mint. I’ve tried using that pink children’s toothpaste, but they were completely unimpressed by it. I even tried using the classic scare tactic that their teeth would fall out if they didn’t brush their teeth. Do you know what their reply was? “Nan doesn’t have teeth so we don’t need teeth either.” 

I can’t win. If only they were old enough to understand the concept of money. That would be enough to scare them into looking after their teeth. They’ve lived too privileged of a life here in Bayside. Professional orthodontics don’t just grow on trees, even if we live in one of the most affluent areas in Melbourne. I should make a point from now on to show them just how expensive being an adult is. Then, maybe they’ll start brushing their teeth.

I just want to be a good father to my children. They like to make it difficult, but I love them regardless. I hope they have perfect teeth when they grow up, and for that to happen I need to start getting them to brush their teeth twice a day.