Bifold Doors, Yeah

You know what’s awesome, and also something that you don’t see often enough? Bifold doors: the only known doors that… fold. You see them, and the fold, in a bifold fashion. You’re all like ‘wahey, a normal door’, and them boom. Bifold. Mind blown.

Stuff it, I’m putting that one on the list. Guru asked us to write down all of the simple pleasures we want from life, but then we had to meditate on them and bring them back next week, and I’m really hoping we don’t get to class and burn them to signify ridding ourselves of this earthly tether. I’ve already gone looking for the best timber door replacement companies Melbourne has going for it, and I’m liking what I’m seeing so far. Not that I’m some expert on home renovation, but timber doors that swing outwards, like, bifold doors? That’s the way of the future right there. That’s what you get in 2019 when you want to stand out, but you don’t want to be one of those weirdos who converts the interior of their home into a spaceship. A fake spaceship, that is.

Guru has a habit of making us do things and not telling us what the end goal is. Like…okay, the other week he got us to paint the very best pictures we could of the five most important people in our lives, with quality not mattering because the pictures were ‘from the heart’. And then when we got to our session next week, we had to paint over them with extremely watery red paint, to hammer in the lesson that life is pain, and this includes the bonds between people.

I get that, but it kinda stung regardless. Now, if Guru asks us to take the things we want – in my case, a beautifully finished home that says classic Melbourne, timber windows and all – and burn them, I’m just gonna save myself a piece or two. A really nice brunch or go-karting I can let go, but I want my timber windows, never mind earthly tethers.