Bathroom leakage disaster

It’s true when they say, ‘the more people you know, the problems you hear about’. I went for coffee with a friend I hadn’t seen in six months yesterday. She was filling me in on the events in her life that have occurred over the past six months and boy were they a doozy! To cut a very long story short, she’s had a leaking shower. From what she explained to me, there was a hairline crack in her shower base and water had been seeping through the crack. Her shower is on the second floor and is positioned directly above her living room.

My friend initially thought that the leaking was the result of a bad pipe. She called in a plumber to assess the situation but they informed her that the pipes were not the issue, but instead the shower. Water had been leaking through the crack in her shower base, and dripping onto the ceiling of the living room. As the crack had been there for a long period of time, the water build up had been quite excessive. 

After weighing up the cost of a shower grout repair. My friend decided that she would simply bite the bullet and renovate her whole bathroom. I think a part of her saw a shower grout repair as a bandaid to an injury that had already become a whole broken bone. She explained to me that she had already tried various repairs and patch-ups in the past, but they hadn’t worked. It seemed like a whole new bathroom was her only option. 

Bathroom leakage disasterMy friend invited me to her house after our coffee so I could check out her bathroom. I’ll tell you what, after seeing the new bathroom I just had to ask her for the number of her bathroom designers. Melbourne boasts being such a hip and artsy city, but I doubt any other bathroom renovation company would come close to the one that did her bathroom. Her new bathroom honestly looked like something out of a magazine.