Air Con Moves On

I’m SO done with Bling The Tarts III. I liked it at first, when you were making the basics, but I just can’t get past the final boss. Worst boss design ever, for real! You have to make tarts for the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland, but they don’t just have to taste good; they also have to look amazing. Not just amazing. Beyond amazing. If even one tart dips below the standard, it’s off with your head.

I give up. I had a successful career in virtual Canberra, air conditioning repairs being my stock in trade, and a bunch of competitors have emerged in the time since I last played. That’s the thing about gaming nowadays…you can’t even leave things on pause and attend to your normal life. Things keep moving, just life real life – the very thing you’re trying to escape.

I wonder if real owners of air conditioning companies have this problem. You feel like you need a break from air con installation, so you decide to engage in a spot of tart-making. You open a nice little bakery, things go well for a while until you get a really demanding client, and you start to realise that actually, air con installation was your ‘thing’ and you need to get back into it. But alas! Suddenly, there are fifty more air conditioning companies and you feel like such a fool for pressing pause on your business, because now everyone is getting their units serviced and repaired by other companies. What a fool, what a fool you have been!

Industry, capitalism…they move so very quickly. You need to keep on top of the game; otherwise it all passes you by. When word gets out that Canberra air conditioning maintenance companies are the best in the business, everyone wants a piece of that delicious, fruity tart.

I guess I could also start a new business. Like selling sporting goods. I’m sure that’ll be big in the virtual sphere, someday.