Taking In A Pup

Although I’m a massive fan of dogs, I’ve never wanted to have one as a companion on account of all the responsibilities that come with that task. For starters, there’s the level of attention and time investment required that I’m not sure I can adequately provide at this point. Then there’s the questions of procuring meat (I’m vego) and desexing, which I’m on the fence about.

This week, though, my housemate spontaneously acquired a furry friend who looks likely to be sticking around, so I’ve been thinking about it afresh. The series of events that led up to this started with Jeremiah’s cousin finding a box of discarded pups on the side of the highway and setting about homing them. The story so far concludes with there being one pup remaining without a home, and Jeremiah agreeing to take him in. Turns out, the pup in question is blind in one eye and needs a bit of extra care, but he’s super delightful.

So yeah, we do need to consider what to do about pet desexing. Bayside council doesn’t legally require pet dogs to be desexed, as far as I know – I should probably check that. I think cats might be a different story. My current feeling on the subject, though, having witnessed this whole discarded litter business, is that there might be something to the idea of going ahead with it. 

Either way, we’d never leave a litter on the side of the road. But this pup being male, it’s possible that he could impregnate another dog, whose owners might not behave so well. We’d then be contributing to the problem, most likely unwittingly. Anyway, I think we should head down to our local vet centre in Moorabbin and see what they have to say about the possibilities.

I’m open to taking on board the advice of someone with strong knowledge of dog behaviour, health and wellbeing, and of local council regulations on the subject of desexing. First things first, though – the pup needs a name. Any suggestions?