Something Needs to be Done With the Windows…

We seem to be settling in nicely, although there’s still plenty to be done to make this house a home. And what a shame we happened to come during winter! I was so looking forward to engaging in a bit of Australian summer culture, such as barbecues (inside), going to the beach (at night) and buying a sausage outside a home and garden supplies place of business (it’d have to be a very cloudy day…). For all I know, they still do that kind of thing in the winter, so I can only hope.

Anyway, renovations and such. We’ve been invited to Whitehall Chapel for a small evening soiree, and for such esteemed business partners, we need to be returning the favour. Not while the house is incomplete, however! I’m seriously looking into what’s available in terms of tinted window services, because that might just be a twofold boon to the house. Partially, it’ll allow us to have the windows open for longer, and also I rather like the air of mystique surrounding window tinting. I know it in my heart that if my ancestors in Romania had access to commercially-tinted windows in their castles of yore, they’d jump at the chance. That’s why they built their castles to look as they did, in such locations: it was all for them to look as imposing as possible.

It’s all a bit of fun, of course! But why does anyone have window tinting done, really? It’s got to be at least in part for the impressive veil of secrecy and mystique. It’s not a technique for everyone, but I certainly think we could make it work. Perhaps I’ll ask the Clanceys when we go for dinner; Percival has fingers in practically every business pie in Melbourne. Decorative window glass is something to think about as well, a bit of stained glass depiction, just like back in our original castle in Romania. I do love the decor to tell a story.

-Ivanov Maxim Payler-Alucard