Sisters Buying Property Act 1987

Tahlia won’t shut up about this house she intends to buy. It’s extra annoying because it’s on the same street as the one I narrowly missed out on at auction a few weeks ago – surely, if she had an ounce of sisterly affection she’d have referred me to this one instead of chewing my ear off about how great the location is.

But then, it’s always been like that. Even though we’re twins, we always seem to be engaged in a game of one-upmanship. At the moment, Tahlia seems to be winning on the financial front, and therefore has better bargaining power than me when it comes to buying property.

It’s just bad timing that we both decided to start house hunting at the same point in our lives – especially given that we have similar taste and the same kind of price range and features in mind. It means we’re basically in competition with each other for the same properties, as if competing with every other schmuck out to buy a house isn’t bad enough.

For example, we both want a 3-bedder in the South East. Property conveyancing not being something either of has had done before, we both took a bit of a gamble on who to go with, and I’m pretty sure that Tahlia got the better end of the stick financially. This is despite the fact that we’re trying to buy essentially the same properties.

Why are my fees higher than hers? I mean,  for goodness’ sake, our respective conveyancers are dealing with the same bleeding vendor’s statement. Melbourne homeowners, can you shed any light on this? Is there such thing as a set of pricing guidelines for conveyancing?

I’m not planning to get into a ‘no fair’ mindset – it’s so high school.  Besides, I’m at liberty to leave my conveyancer and sign up with Tahlia’s. But then we’d have even more overlap in our house hunt, and that’s the last thing I need.

Mum keeps sneakily encouraging us to pool our assets and buy a house together. Maybe there’s something to that… but no. Just no.