Rumpled Whiskers

I’ve just been brushing up on the topic of whiskers. No, I’m not contemplating growing a beard; I’m becoming a more qualified cat owner. My feline buddy, Maxwell, seems to have bent a couple of them in a fight, and I want to know if this is going to be a problem for him.

From what I understand, whiskers are actually touch receptors that cats use for navigating their environment, so I’m wondering if Maxwell is likely to be a bit out of sorts. However, I’m gathering that whiskers do shed naturally and regrow, so if there’s any discombobulation issues, they won’t be permanent.

That’s a relief; no need to rush to an emergency vet clinic. Moorabbin cat owners, does this sound right to you? Honestly, I’ve never given this much thought to whisker health before. I was aware that they’re a bit different from standard hairs, but I hadn’t really thought of them as sensory organs.

Well, anyway. It’s good to know that there are a few different vet services near me – if there ever was an emergency situation, one of them would surely be able to fit Maxwell in. I’m looking at him now and he seems fine, although a little bit put out, but that could just be because he lost the fight for lordship over the nature strip.

Now that I’ve verified somewhat that the bent whisker isn’t going to be a major threat to Maxwell’s health and wellbeing, I can appreciate that it gives him a bit of edge in the looks department. I probably shouldn’t say that, but hey. It reminds me of the facial scar on the Action Guy dolls I used to have as a kid.

Maybe he’ll stop vying for top spot on the feline block now, but I doubt it. Maxwell’s not one to back down. I just hope that the bent whisker doesn’t throw his judgement off balance. I might try and keep him inside for a few days just to be safe (‘try’ being the operative word).