New house, new garden, same loving family

I have some amazing news! We finally bought the house next door. My husband and I have been wanting to buy a bigger house ever since our fifth child arrived by surprise. She wasn’t exactly planned but we were overjoyed at having another baby. The house we live in isn’t big enough for all of us, the children have to share rooms. My eldest daughter is fourteen and isn’t happy about sharing her room with two brothers. We have been trying to find a house in our price range for months, everything was too expensive. We really didn’t want to move, my wife and I love this house we just need more room. Then my wife had the brilliant idea of asking if our neighbours were interested in selling us their house. As it turns out they had been thinking of moving closer to the city as they both have a long commute every day. We made the deal and now we have two house next door to each other! I’ve already pulled down the fence between the two houses and have started building a corridor to the other house. Our garden is much nicer than next doors, we hired a team of landscapers to design the whole thing. I’ll be getting in touch with garden landscape designers, Melbourne North is a suburb well known for it’s breathtaking gardens so there is a certain amount of pressure. I also need to see the landscapers can mirror the design on the other property. The houses are essential identical, I’m going to try and achieve a mirror image effect. The garden will be the exact duplicate on both sides of the yard. 

Next we’ll need to work out how to tie the area together. I’m envisioning a large pergola sitting right on the property line between the two homes. I was thinking it would look great if we went with polished concrete floors, Melbourne North residents love their stylish and modern garden designs. The younger kids will love playing in Japanese inspired backyard. My eldest daughter spends most of her life online and only socialises with the family at dinner times. I’ve tried taking away her laptop and her phone but she throws such a tantrum that I have no choice but to give them back. I’m hoping it’s a phase she’s going through. Once she sees how nice the pergola looks she will hopefully bring her laptop outside and get a bit of sun, she looks very pale. Summer BBQs are a big winner in this household. We got the next door house for a good price on account of our long time friendship with the owners. It’s great when life works out like that, you’ve got all kinds of problems and suddenly out of nowhere a solution presents itself. Do you think we had help from above?